Many see the barbershop as a man’s place of refuge, a place where you can catch the game, bond with the bros or just sit and talk shit for a few hours.  Although “joe’s barbershop” may be a cool place to hang out at, you still need that perfect cut at the end of the day.



How and What to Look for when Selecting a Barber


The first criteria for selecting a barber is to make sure he or she is licensed.


Ask a friend who always keeps a great cut for a referral


google a few shops, read the reviews


Drop by a shop that interest you, look around see if the place is clean if the barbers are well-groomed


Ask the barbers questions; how long he has shop been opened, do you need an appointment, hours, etc.…


Remember, just because the shop is full doesn’t mean the barbers are great, people will continue to go to barbers and complain afterward.


The Next Step


When you finally choose one ask for something simple like a shape up, see how it goes from there, if you’re satisfied you may have a keeper. Don’t be afraid to ask for the style you want; some barbers just turn out the same cut over and over again like an assembly line… so speak up.


Last Step

Always tip your barber!